About Us

 Born on a small island called Jamaica I was raised by one of my most influencers my Grandma "Mama" also known as Maybell, which is where I took the name for my store. "To Smooch is to Kiss" - I called my store MaybellSmooches to identify with the nuturing care and  protection that was given to me by my grandmother. With every kiss given by Mama May and with every sacrifice she made possessed a  life lesson only she could teach and these kisses turned me into the woman I am today.
Growing up in Jamaica in the 90s meant that as a family we didn't always have the best or the latest fashionable items but we made things work. Mama, a woman of style and class always taught me that it's not what you have but what you can do with it and that is where styling comes from. I live by knowing how to put pieces of clothes and matching accessories together, whether it was a 5dollar top or a 2 dollar shoe we made it look good.
"Style ah Style and Style Cyan Spoil"
Jamaica as always been a place of vibrant colours, happiness and beautiful people expressing themselves through fashion. regardless of their circumstances a Jamaican always ensures they look the very best, the absolute tidiest. Whether it is bamboo earrings, chaparrita or chiney bump lol (only a real Jamaican will know) what is now trendy on the runways are things they have been doing for many many years. Name it they've done it. The 90s brought salacious style with bold patterns, colourful hair and Shabba ranks - Below are a few flashback images

I've always had a passion for making people look like art, helping to find themselves through style and now after many years I'm finally embarking on that journey. so join me, follow me Instagram.com/maybellsmooches , give me inspiration whilst I give my best in bringing you affordable fashion accessories that will help you find your style.